Item Coversheet
MEETING DATE: 1/11/2021
DIRECTOR:Sam Greif, Fire Chief
AGENDA ITEM:Approve the purchase of Motorola APX 8000 portable radios, in the amount of $245,924.
RECOMMENDED ACTION:Purchase from Existing Contract


To approve the purchase of Motorola APX 8000 portable radios for the Fire Department in the amount of $245,924 from Motorola Solutions, Inc. through an existing contract; and authorizing the City Manager to execute all necessary documents. (HGAC Contract No. RA05-18) Approved


Plano Fire-Rescue has used Motorola APX radios for some time.  All Department radios are APX models.  The majority of our radios are single band radios (APX 6000 version).  The APX 8000 version is a multi-band radio.  A multi-band radio allows communication with jurisdictions that use a different radio frequency than the City of Plano.  Additionally, these radios have built in Bluetooth technology.  The Bluetooth technology allows the Fire Department to use a device that simplifies communication through our Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) without having to use the extended microphone on the radio.  During field-testing, Bluetooth technology was proven to be a valuable asset in enhancing the quality of fire ground communications.  


This is the third installment of a phased in replacement of all the portable radios in the Fire Department.


Funding for these radios comes from the Fire Department’s Equipment Replacement Fund.   


The radios will be purchased from Motorola Solutions, Inc.  Motorola Solutions, Inc. is a sole source vendor for the APX 8000 radios. Total cost for thirty (30) APX 8000 radios is $ 245,924.20.


Failure to award the purchase will impede the advancement of clear communications on the fire ground.


The City is authorized to purchase from a cooperative purchasing program with another local government or a local cooperative organization pursuant to Chapter 271 Subchapter F of the Texas Local Government Code and by doing so satisfies any State Law requiring local governments to seek competitive bids for items. (HGAC Contract RA05-18, City of Plano Contract No. 2021-0097-O)


Funding for this item is available in the 2020-21 Fire Equipment Replacement Fund.  The purchase of thirty (30) multi-band portable radios, in the total estimated amount of $245,924, will leave a current year balance of $18,076 for future equipment replacement expenditures. 


Approval of this item will support the City's Strategic Plan Critical Success Factors of being an Excellent, Innovative, and Accountable City Government with Safe, Vibrant Neighborhoods.