Item Coversheet
MEETING DATE: 1/11/2021
DIRECTOR:Ron Smith, Director of Parks and Recreation
AGENDA ITEM:Approval of contract modification in the amount of $128,850 for landscape architect professional services for Los Rios Park Trail, Project No. 7249
RECOMMENDED ACTION:Approval of Contract Modification


To approve an increase to the current awarded contract amount of $343,000 by $128,850, for a total contract amount of $471,850, for landscape architect professional services for Los Rios Park Trail, Project No. 7249, from Pacheco Koch Consulting Engineers, Inc. for the Parks and Recreation Department; and authorizing the City Manager to execute all necessary documents. (Contract No. 2020-0345-X; Modification No. 1) Approved


In February 2020, City Council approved a professional services agreement (PSA) with Pacheco Koch Consulting Engineers, Inc. in the amount of $343,000 for the preparation of project schematic designs and construction documents for the installation of approximately two miles of recreational trail at Los Rios Park that will connect the Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt and the Bob Woodruff Park trails. The existing PSA scope is comprised of topographic surveying, environmental assessments of the site, platting of the site, and conducting required hydraulic and hydrologic modeling and analysis.


In November, 2020, the Parks Department solicited resident feedback for a segment of the proposed trail alignment between the Bob Woodruff Park connection and Cortez Drive, given its proximity to the adjacent homes along 18th Street. Based on the resident feedback, a redesigned trail route crossing Rowlett Creek will be necessary to achieve the community’s desire to maintain a 100-foot distance buffer to the future trail. The adjustment to the trail alignment requires expanding the project’s existing scope of work to include additional topographic surveying, engineering and environmental services, as well as the hydraulic analysis and a FEMA Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) submittal for the route modification and the anticipated bridge crossings across Rowlett Creek. The expanded scope will also incorporate additional surveying, design, demolition and restoration drawings for the removal of an existing asphalt parking lot on the Los Rios Park site that has been determined to be unsalvageable.

The proposed trail project is part of the 2017 Bond program to renovate the former Los Rios Golf Course into a community park. The City has already completed the removal of the golf cart paths and the demolition of the clubhouse building. Installation of the proposed trail and its amenities will finalize the first phase of the park development.

The consultant, Pacheco Koch Consulting Engineers, Inc., has submitted a proposal to incorporate the additional services and data collection of the trail realignment for an amount totaling $128,850.

This contract modification will allow the City to realign the proposed trail to obtain a 100-foot distance buffer for the residents along 18th Street adjacent to Los Rios Park. If this contract modification is not approved, the City will not be able to proceed with realignment.


Funding for this item is available in the 2020-21 Park Improvements CIP.  Increasing the expenditures for engineering professional services, in the total estimated amount of $128,850, will leave a current year balance of $1,460,835 for future project expenditures. 


Approval of this item supports the City's Strategic Plan Critical Success Factor of Excellent, Innovative, and Accountable City Government. 

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