Item Coversheet
MEETING DATE: 6/28/2021
DIRECTOR:Dan Prendergast, Assistant Director of Public Works
AGENDA ITEM:AApprove Change Order No. 1, in the amount of $1,500,000, for additional arterial concrete repair for the Arterial Pavement Repair Coit Road - Parker Road to SH 121 project
RECOMMENDED ACTION:Approval of Change Order


To approve an increase to the current awarded contract amount of $6,373,251 by $1,500,000, for a total contract amount of $7,873,251, for Arterial Pavement Repair Coit Road - Parker Road to SH 121 project, from Jim Bowman Construction Company, L.P. for the Public Works Department; and authorizing the City Manager to execute all necessary documents. (Contract No. 2019-0662-B; Change Order No. 1) Approved


On October 28, 2019, City Council awarded a construction contract in the amount of $6,373,251 for the repair of arterial concrete street, concrete sidewalk and barrier free ramps on Coit Road, from Parker Road to SH 121. 


This change order would allow for additional quantities of needed repair, that have been identified in the field since the original inventory was done in the spring of 2019. It would also allow for concrete repairs to be done south of Parker Road. These repairs are necessary in order for the City to complete a planned future overlay project on Coit Road.


If this change order is not approved by Council, the additional repairs will not occur and the planned future overlay project will not be completed in the areas of the needed repairs.


Funding for this item is available in the 2020-21 Street Improvements CIP and is planned for 2021-22, as well.  The first change order in the Arterial Pavement Repair Coit Road - Parker Road to SH 121 project, in the total estimated amount of $1,500,000, will leave a current year balance of $645,342 available for future arterial concrete street repair projects.


Approval of this item will support the City's Strategic Plan Critical Success Factor of being an Excellent, Innovative, and Accountable City Government.