Item Coversheet
MEETING DATE: 8/9/2021
DIRECTOR:B. Caleb Thornhill, P.E., Director of Engineering
AGENDA ITEM:Approve an expenditure for engineering professional services for Thoroughfare Standards and Traffic Calming Policy, Project No. 7366
RECOMMENDED ACTION:Approval of Expenditure


To approve an expenditure for engineering professional services for Thoroughfare Standards and Traffic Calming Policy, Project No. 7366, in the amount of $299,641 from Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. for the Engineering Department; and authorizing the City Manager to execute all necessary documents. Approved


The Engineering Department recommends approval of an expenditure in the amount of $299,641 for engineering professional services from Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., for the a) update of the 2009 Thoroughfare Standards; and b) development of a Traffic Calming Toolbox and Policy. This project includes: a) an assessment of our existing standards, ordinances, and policies; b) development and summary of best practices from other public agencies; c) gathering input from affected Stakeholders and the public; d) preparation of recommended updates to the existing Thoroughfare Standards; e) development a traffic calming toolbox and policy; and f) presentations to Planning and Zoning and City Council.  

Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., was deemed most qualified consultant based on their submission for RFQ No. 2019-0516-X Transportation Engineering Division On-call Services Program, subcategories Thoroughfare Standards and Transportation Planning.  

Plano’s Thoroughfare Standards were last updated in February 2009.  As Plano moves away from a primarily new development phase and into a redevelopment phase, roadway standards developed in the late 2000s might not be applicable for the redevelopment phase. Also, new standards accommodating pedestrians and cyclists have matured in the last 12 years.  The elimination of the speed hump program in 2009 removed Plano’s only traffic calming item to combat residential speeding and cut-through traffic.  The passing of the 2021 Bond Referendum funded a new traffic calming program.  This consultant contract will assist Plano in the development of new traffic calming measures as well as an evaluation process and implementation policy.  

Not approving the expenditure would result in a) continued use of outdated Thoroughfare Standards; and b) not having a policy and tool box in place to implement the 2021 Bond Referendum funding for Traffic Calming.


Funding for this item is available in the 2020-21 Street Improvements CIP and is planned for 2021-22, as well.  Professional consulting services for the development of thoroughfare standards and traffic calming policy, in the total estimated amount of $299,641, will leave a current year balance of $103,050 for other expenditures related to traffic studies, plans, and models.


Approval of this item will support the City's Strategic Plan Critical Success Factor of being an Excellent, Innovative, and Accountable City Government.