Item Coversheet
MEETING DATE: 1/23/2023
DEPARTMENT:Technology Services
DIRECTOR:Roger Wright, Chief Information Officer

Approve purchase for Print Management Services.

RECOMMENDED ACTION:Purchase from Existing Contract


To approve the purchase of Print Management Services for a five (5) year contract with one (1) automatic five-year renewal for Technology Solutions in the estimated amount of $2,681,746 from Novatech, Inc. through an existing contract; and authorizing the City Manager to execute all necessary documents. (OMNIA Contract Nos. R191101 and R210403) Approved


Technology Solutions recommends the purchase of print management services from Novatech, Inc., in the estimated total amount not to exceed $2,681,746.  The estimated amount for the contract's first year is $327,985 and the estimated annual cost for years two (2) through (10)  is $261,529.


The City's current contract (2014-0111) for print management services expires in June of 2023. To ensure a seamless transition, Technology Solutions needs to begin the process to refresh its aging devices across the organization. There are currently over 300 multi-function devices capable of print, copy, scan, and fax capabilities, including several large format printers. This contract provides both leased hardware (multi-function devices, laser printing, wide format printers) and print services (print pools, device maintenance, and repair).


The City received proposals from five (5) vendors. The Technology Solutions proposal evaluation team determined the proposal from Novatech, Inc. met all of the City's needs for Print Management Services. The awarded contract will have an initial term of five (5) years with an automatic (5) year renewal.


If the City of Plano does not approve this purchase, it will be subject to rising prices as well as continued use of aging devices that will require costly repairs as well as impact the timely processing of printed material.


The City is authorized to purchase from a cooperative purchasing program with another local government or a local cooperative organization pursuant to Chapter 271 Subchapter F of the Texas Local Government Code and by doing so satisfies any State Law requiring local governments to seek competitive bids for items.  (OMNIA R191101 and R210403, and City of Plano Contract No. 2022-0591-OR)


This item approves price quotes.  Funding for this item is available in the 2022-23 Infrastructure Budget.  This request is for a five (5) year contract with an optional five (5) year renewal not to exceed $2,681,746 for print management services to Novatech, Inc.  The estimated amount to be funded out of the 2022-23 Infrastructure Budget is $131,838, which will leave a remaining balance of $289,904 for other printer expenditures.  Future year expenditures are dependent on contract renewals in the annual estimated amount of $261,529 in the 2023-24 through 2031-32 Budgets and $196,147 in the 2032-33 Budget.  All future year expenditures will occur within council approved appropriations.  


Approval of this contract supports the City's Strategic Plan Critical Success Factors of an Excellent, Innovative, and Accountable City Government.  

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