Item Coversheet
MEETING DATE: 6/10/2024
DIRECTOR:Abby Owens, Interim Director of Public Works
AGENDA ITEM:Award of a bid in the amount of $3,328,000 for Arterial Concrete Repair Parker Road – Independence Parkway to Country Place Drive, Project No. PW-S-00027.
RECOMMENDED ACTION:Award/Rejection of Bid/Proposal


RFB No. 2024-0292-B for Arterial Concrete Repair Parker Road – Independence Parkway to Country Place Drive, Project No. PW-S-00027, for the Public Works Department to Garrett Shields Infrastructure, LLC in the amount of $3,328,000; and authorizing the City Manager to execute all necessary documents. Approved


Public Works recommends the bid for the Arterial Concrete Repair Parker Road – Independence Parkway to Country Place Drive project, be awarded to Garret Shields Infrastructure LLC in the amount of $3,328,000 to be accepted as the lowest responsive and responsible bid for the project, conditioned upon timely execution of all necessary documents. A total of 1,413 vendors were notified of the bid, two (2) submitted a “No Bid” and ten (10) bids were submitted.


This project involves the repair of 18,700 square yards of arterial concrete street, 31,500 square feet of sidewalk and 80 barrier free ramps along a 1 ½ mile stretch of Parker Road between Independence Parkway and Country Place Drive. Public Works continues to coordinate with Engineering for the timing of this project to begin with the completion of Project ENG-CMB-7050, Water Rehabilitation – Parker Road from Independence Parkway to Country Place Drive.


Public Works employs three options for different types of pavement repair needs. City staff typically handles smaller isolated repairs of significantly damaged street, sidewalk and alley paving. Utilizing city crews for these areas is more cost-effective than a third party due to costs of mobilization and economy of scale. Next, the Department utilizes Requirements Projects that are location-based work orders to address moderate sized areas of disrepair. Staff creates work orders for these areas with higher quantities of concrete repair and traffic control than city crews can address. Staff also inspects the third-party construction activities to ensure the work is performed to city specifications. Finally, larger areas of repair such as this project, are bid as separate contracts as arterial rehabilitation projects and neighborhood zone rehabilitation projects that cover several miles of infrastructure. Once concrete repairs are complete, a future thin overlay is planned for this roadway.


Public Works staff continually evaluates both the effectiveness of our street projects and feasibility to do more work with Public Works staff. At this time, sufficient yard/storage space, staff space, and equipment is not available for city staff to perform larger pavement rehabilitation projects, such as this arterial concrete rehabilitation project, and still address isolated areas for repair that cost the city more for private contractors to complete.


If this project is not awarded, the arterial street and sidewalk repairs needed on Parker Road, between Independence Parkway and Country Place Drive, will not be repaired. This will result is elevated maintenance and replacement costs in the future. In addition, existing ADA compliance issues will not be repaired, leaving pedestrian facilities in an unsafe condition.


Engineer’s estimate for this project is $3,925,000.


Funding for this item is available in the 2023-24 Street Improvements CIP and is planned for future years, as well.  Construction service for the Arterial Concrete Repair Parker Road - Independence Parkway to Country Place Drive project, in the total amount of $3,328,000, will leave a project balance of $872,000 for future expenditures.


Approval of this item will support the City's Strategic Plan Critical Success Factor of being an Excellent, Innovative, and Accountable City Government.

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